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Museums and Galleries

Are you someone who buries themselves deep in literature, watches classic films and has a refined appreciation of the arts? Or maybe you simply just enjoy some cultural tantalisation and learning at your own leisure. Well if you do, and you are planning a stay in Inverness, then find out which museums and galleries to visit in order to engage that critical eye!

Museums and Galleries near Inverness

Immerse yourself in Highland history. Learn about people, the environment and traditions in exciting stories from the past at Inverness Museum and Art Gallery. Exhibits include many items under the categories of geology, archaeological heritage and natural history surrounding the Highlands of the past. From Jacobite memorabilia, silverware from Inverness and Highland bagpipes and weapons. You will be sure to leave thinking you were in an episode of Outlander! Situated at the foot of the Castle Hill, you can also engage and listen to recitals and lunchtime talks. Therefore, making for a very educational stay in Inverness.

If ye dinnae ken whit tae dae next … then why no pop alang tae the Highlander’s Museum? With over 50,000 artefacts, photographs and documents, you can loose yourself in fascinating facts and information. With one of the largest regimental displays outside of London, one minute you are in the Battle of Waterloo and the next you’re in the middle of WW2. (Adolph Hitler’s box that held his personal papers is one of the artefacts to be seen here). Other items in other collections include medals, uniforms and accoutrements, death pennies, pictures and paintings, personal diaries and letters of the past and much more. Submerge yourself in the history of the Highland regiments. And step into the lives of people who made history and played significant parts in shaping the world we live in today.

Finally, explore the legend of the Loch Ness Monster herself, at the Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition in Drumnadrochit. This exhibition takes visitors on a journey of discovery, through seven themed areas. Telling the story of Loch Ness and the folklore that surrounds the famous Scottish lake. Using a mix of lasers, digital projection and multi-media, this should be your first stop on a hunt for Nessie.

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So no matter what part of history you step back into on your stay in Inverness, you will be sure to come away with a wealth of fascinating facts and information to wow fellow friends with. If you are looking for somewhere to stay, then check out our special offers … we can certainly guarantee you a ‘braw’ deal and a “barry’ stay!