Culloden Battlefield and Visitor Centre

Culloden Battlefield

The Battle of Culloden holds a place in history as one of the most intense battles fought on Scottish soil. On April 16th 1746, the last battle of the Jacobite Risings came to a quick and bloody end, as Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobites fell to the Redcoats. Culloden Moor is just a short drive from Inverness allowing you to learn exactly what happened in the lead up to this famous battle.

The memorial cairn at Culloden Battlefield Inverness Scotland.

The Battle of Culloden

A group of Scottish Highlanders known as Jacobites, were campaigning to return James VII of Scotland and II of England to the throne of Great Britain. Spearheaded by “Bonnie Prince Charlie”, the Battle of Culloden was the final uprising, which ultimately ended their plight. The Jacobites were overpowered by the British army and 1,500 men were killed or wounded in just one hour. Afterwards, Bonnie Prince Charlie fled to France and left the Highlanders to deal with the consequences.

Culloden Battlefield and Visitor Centre

Visitors to Inverness can now experience what conditions were like on that fateful day. Culloden Battlefield gives visitors an understanding of the Jacobite’s struggle. You can even watch the battlefield come to life with live demonstrations throughout the day. The visitor centre and interactive exhibition allow the whole family to learn of the events that led up to this battle and the experiences of the Scots following defeat. The kids will love the immersive battle film and interactive exhibitions. Whilst the adults can learn more about the intricate elements of Scottish life during this era.

Culloden Battlefield and Outlander

The Battle of Culloden features in the romantic time-travel books and TV series, Outlander. The real battlefield was used for filming some of the scenes, and it has become a popular place for fans of the show to visit. The Fraser Stone, which commemorates members of the Fraser Clan who fought in the battle, is a particular landmark for fans.

Clan Fraser memorial stone at Culloden Battlefield

Treading lightly on the battleground

Green Tourism Gold Logo

Culloden Battlefield is committed to sustainable practices that preserve the historic site’s integrity for future generations. At Culloden Battlefield, they prioritise eco-friendly initiatives, reduced carbon emissions, and responsible resource management. Their dedication to sustainability not only enhances the visitor experience but also safeguards the natural surroundings. Discover Culloden Battlefield’s rich history while contributing to its long-term conservation efforts. Their efforts have been recognised by Visit Scotland’s Green Tourism scheme awarding them Gold for their achievements.

The battlefield is open daily all year round but the visitor centre opening times vary depending on the time of year. So check their website for more information.

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