Searching for the Loch Ness Monster

Hunting for Nessie

The mysterious waters of Loch Ness are a beautiful, 30-minute drive from The Kingsmills Hotel. What’s more, we are here to help you make more of your stay with a little bit of Nessie hunting!

The ancient Scottish tale of a monster that lies beneath the loch dates back to the first century. Around 500 AD, images of a strange aquatic creature were carved into nearby rocks. Ever since, people have been drawn to the Highlands. Eager to catch a glimpse of the mythical beast in Loch Ness, affectionately nick-named “Nessie”. Today, there are many Loch Ness Monster tours and boat trips available. So you too can soak up the scenery and history of the loch and decide for yourself if the stories of monsters are true.


Take a journey on the infamous Loch Ness, the largest lake by volume in the British Isles, due to its incredible depth of up to 230 metres. Surely, there must be something lurking deep down there?

Getting out on the water on a guided Loch Ness Cruise is a wonderful way to see the area. Exploring the glorious Highlands of Scotland by water, taking in the magnificent sights and historical landmarks, whilst hearing all the myths and legends that surround the loch. Be sure to have your camera at the ready, just in case Nessie shows up!


The earliest recorded encounter with the Loch Ness Monster comes from St Columba in 565 AD. The story goes that the monk saw a large beast attacking and killing people in the waters of Loch Ness. He approached the monster and commanded it to retreat back into the loch, never to harm another person. Thankfully Nessie obeyed, so visitors to Loch Ness are safe from the monster to this day.

In 1933, Nessie made the local news when a couple claimed to have seen an enormous animal out in the loch. The national media picked up the story and whipped up a frenzy. More and more sightings were reported and a circus owner even offered a £20,000 reward to anyone who could capture the creature. In 1934 a surgeon named Colonel Robert Wilson produced the now-famous image of a serpentine beast raising its head from the water. This picture was considered to be the best evidence of the monster’s existence for decades but was later exposed as a hoax.

Yet, many still believe the creature exists and there have been several expeditions to try and prove it. Although no conclusive evidence has been found, sonar explorations have detected something large moving in the depths of the water. The investigations continue …


We can’t say for sure if the Loch Ness Monster exists, but it’s lots of fun hunting! We are sure that once you arrive for a spot of Nessie hunting, you’ll fall in love with the majestic views and glistening waters of Scotland. A playground of amazing discoveries to explore. A Loch Ness monster tour or boat trip is just the start of an amazing holiday in the Highlands.

Enjoy at stay at the Kingsmills Hotel

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