Explore Scottish History in Inverness

Scottish History

Here in Inverness, we are surrounded by historical sites and attractions. With ancient castles, military forts, battlegrounds, burial chambers, historic buildings, churches, gardens and museums, you can explore Scotland’s long and fascinating past.

Historical Attractions Inverness

Inverness in Scotland has a long history, dating back at least 4000 years, to the first human settlements. Some of the oldest sites in Scotland are close to Inverness. Such as the prehistoric Clava Cairns, a Bronze Age burial ground with ceremonial standing stones.

The Inverness Museum and Art Gallery may be a fairly modern building, but it houses many historical artefacts of the Highlands. Here, you can learn all about our Inverness and Highland history and heritage. From geological beginnings to ancient civilizations and also more recent history.

We also have several fascinating Scottish castles to explore. Including Inverness Castle right here in the city. Also nearby is Cawdor Castle with links to Shakespeare’s Macbeth, and the beautiful Eilean Donan, one of Scotland’s most popular attractions.

For those interested in the history of the Jacobite Risings, a visit to Culloden Battlefield is a must. This is the site of the final harrowing battle between the Jacobites and the British Army in 1746. In addition, you can explore the vast Fort George, a fortress built in the wake of the battle of Culloden, and the Highlanders’ Museum close by.

More modern examples of architecture include the magnificent Gothic-inspired Inverness Cathedral and the charming Victorian Market. Or the Ness Islands, which you can access via 19th-century suspension bridges. Great for wildlife spotting!

Not forgetting Scotland’s majestic natural history. Inverness is the gateway to the Highlands, where our ancient landscapes provide the most breathtaking scenery imaginable.