Culloden Railway Viaduct near Inverness

Culloden Viaduct

The Culloden Viaduct is an impressive railway viaduct crossing the River Nairn, to the east of Inverness. You might pass over this bridge on your way to Inverness, if travelling by train from Edinburgh or Glasgow. But it is also great to see it from the ground. So if you are in the area visiting the Clava Cairns and Culloden Battlefield, add the Culloden Viaduct to your itinerary. You can view it from the roadside, or find a nice spot on the banks of the river.

Culloden Viaduct Railway Bridge

This imposing red sandstone bridge was designed by Murdoch Paterson, Chief Engineer of the Highland Railway, and built between 1893 and 1898. Known also as the Nairn Viaduct or Clava Viaduct, it cuts through the valley and over the River Nairn. It has 29 railway arches, with one larger central arch and a further 14 on each side. The river runs through the central arch. It is the longest masonry railway viaduct in Scotland, at 549 m long. Standing 40 metres high, this is an imposing structure, which can be seen from miles around! Now a Category A-listed building, which means it is protected as a place of special interest and importance.

Visiting Culloden Viaduct

Whether you take a train over it, drive on the road under it, or view it from the riverside, this is a remarkable piece of architecture to see. For your sat nav, the postcode of the bridge’s location is IV2 5EJ. You could park at the Clava Cairns nearby and take a short walk along the road to the viaduct. But please take care and look out for traffic. Or, for a longer walk (up to 3.5 hours), which includes Culloden Battlefield and the Clava Cairns, park at Culloden Woods and follow these directions.

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