Tips For Surviving Christmas

Let Someone Else Do The Cooking This Christmas

If you haven’t ordered your turkey, goose fat is the last thing on your mind, and you’re dreaming about a Christmas buffet, then braced yourself – surviving Christmas isn’t going to be easy. So if you’re planning on spending most of the big day in the kitchen, just remember that the cook gets an extra present for every mouth they feed. That is Santa’s rule. But before you get your pinny on, forget about it all for a night and let someone else do the work for you. Stuff the stuffing, book a table at the Kingmills for a Christmas Day Lunch and warm the cockles with a whisky or three…

Whisky in a whisky glass viewed from the top

Treat Yourself With Some Retail Therapy

We’ve all done it. Year in, year out. It’s always the same, and we always tell ourselves, “that’s it, no more, next winter I’m going all out.” Yes friends, all out cashmere. You know you want to and you know you should. Be gone high street 10% pretenders that bobble within a week. This year treat yourself. Hit the Highlands with a much-needed shopping break in Inverness. Spend a little extra, wrap up in absolute luxury and you’ll never look back. Now the one little niggle is that you will at some point have to stand at the sink with a basin of water and hand wash it. As archaic and terrifying as it sounds, if you bung it in a quick wash with your jeans on a 30 degree wash, you will be weeping into a toddler size ball of fluff at the end. On the plus side, your Christmas wardrobe for the season is sorted.

Women sitting on steps surrounded with shopping bags

Give Hosting The Christmas Party A Miss

Before you book out a restaurant, attempt to install a mirror ball in your lounge or make an endless pitcher of margaritas that will leave a hole in your pocket and a hangover that might kill you, give hosting the good old Christmas party a miss. Instead of throwing a New Year’s bash guaranteed to wipe out all memory of the night before, why not spend your party fund on a Christmas break that you will remember. Pack a bag, hit the road and head to the Highlands for one of our all-out party nights or Christmas discos. It’ll be a night to remember fuelled by fresh air, beautiful surroundings, good friends and well, maybe a glass of fizz or two. After all, this is about surviving Christmas right? And look, you’ve done it, without a paper party hat or taxi queue in sight.