4 Things To Consider When Planning A Winter Wedding In The Highlands

Is there anything more beautiful than a blushing bride amidst a backdrop of snow? Or a devoted groom proving just how much he loves his bride-to-be by braving sub-zero temperatures in his kilt? There’s something special about winter weddings in the Highlands. And as any winter bride knows, tying the knot with a winter wedding is a bit of a gamble. So to help ensure you always come out on top, we thought we would share a few tips we’ve learnt along the way for planning a Highland wedding in winter.

Winter wedding flowers1. If You Don’t Ask You Will Never Know

A special winter wedding usually means special winter rates. Make sure you speak to all your wedding suppliers about any discounted rates they may have. Especially since certain flowers could be more expensive or downright impossible to get over the winter months. So the money you save on venue hire or photography, could make up for the extra money you need to spend on those white long-stemmed roses you’ve always wanted for your bouquet. Or find a few elegant (inexpensive) alternatives to your favourite blooms and save up for a honeymoon in warmer climates.

Couple huddled under an umbrella2. Hope For The Best. Plan For The Worst.

Winter weddings in the Highlands also means winter Highland weather. While you will be glued to every forecast you can lay your hands on leading up to the big day, be sure to discuss all winter wedding weather scenarios with your wedding suppliers. They’ve been around the wedding block a few times and will have a few tricks up their sleeves for weathering just about any storm. Which means no matter the weather, you can rest assured the forecast for your big day won’t be gloomy with a chance or tragic outbursts.

3. Happy Christmas, Merry New Year

christmas themed wedding cakeWinter time is holiday time. And there are some big holidays in winter. Christmas, New Year’s and Valentine’s Day could all rain on your wedding parade. So tread carefully around the holidays. A red or green colour theme could inadvertently cause your reception to feel like a Christmas do, while overdoing it on the hearts approaching V-day could come across cliché. If starting the New Year as man and wife has always been your wedding dream, a dry New Year’s wedding is sure to result in a fair few wedding deserters.

4. Finally, Get married on a Tuesday

Bride arriving at the KingsmillsThere’s no rule that says a wedding needs to fall on a certain day. And since winter time is holiday time, a weekday wedding is a great way to ensure your dream wedding venue isn’t overrun with frozen holiday-goers looking to escape the winter chill. What’s more, you could also get 15% off your wedding when you get married between Sunday and Thursday at the Kingsmills Hotel, the perfect Inverness wedding venue.

So there you have it. 4 simple things to remember when it comes to winter weddings in the Highlands. To find out more about having your winter wedding with us, call our wedding dream team on 01463 257 102, or email them at events@kingsmillshotel.com