How to Hit the January Sales in Inverness

Yes, Christmas is nearly over, and the tinsel and baubles cannot cheer us up any longer. So what will? Well, any self-confessed shopaholic knows just what a mountain of bargains the annual January sales are. You may need to wear your elbow pads and strap on your helmet, but we all know, when you find the right bargain, it has all been worth it. So for that half price dress that you know you just have to have, we thought it would be best to create a guide on  the January sales in Inverness. We have where to be and how to be the ultimate January shopper that knows just how to go shopping in Inverness.

Treat yourself – you deserve it.

The Victorian Market may not be the ultimate designer location to start, but with its beautiful gifts and hand crafted treats, when the January sales in Inverness come, it may just be the perfect place to pick up that one of a kind beautiful masterpiece, the kind of item that would make the January sales so worth the hassle. The Victorian Market has a special range of shops that you will not find elsewhere in the town. They are the smaller businesses, owner operated, in the most part offering products and services that you will generally not find on the high street.


Shopping – On a mission.

The High Street is always busy, interesting, welcoming and entertaining – pedestrianised to provide you with a safe shopping experience. This is the perfect place to be for January sales in Inverness. As well as many well-known retailers, regular farmers markets and street performers, including Highland pipers, offer interest and entertainment. The nearby Eastgate Centre is the city’s flagship centre, home to many national chain stores. Now this is the place to be during the January sales. Prepare however, for the busy hustle and bustle of relentless people on the same mission as you, ready to pull and fight for that designer bargain. But hey, if you get the millionaire wardrobe on the budget, it’s all going to be worth it, isn’t it?


Relax at Kingsmills

Now with the stress and the strain of shopping til you have physically dropped, and the January sales in Inverness having really taken it out of you, then you obviously need a little relaxation to compliment all your hard work. So why not head out early, hit the January sales in your new Christmas coat and scarf, and then, when you just couldn’t carry anymore bags, head back to Kingsmills Hotel and enjoy our Winter Warmer offer. With a 2 night stay and delicious meals all part of the package, you have now successfully taken the stress of the January sales and created a mini getaway as a just reward, after all, our offer is a sale, and we all do love a good sale.