Drumnadrochit - Home of Nessie


Drumnadrochit is one of the most famous Loch Ness villages, as this is the place where the modern legend of the Loch Ness Monster was born! The village sits on the northern shore of the loch, at the foot of Glen Urquhart. Top attractions here include the Loch Ness Centre and Urquhart Castle. Only a half-hour drive from your base at the Kingsmills Hotel, this is a fantastic place to visit during your stay with us.

Nessie legend and attractions

There are Loch Ness Monster stories dating back to the 1st century. However, it was in 1933 that the Loch Ness Monster really started making headlines. When Aldie Mackay, manager of the Drumnadrochit Hotel, spotted a “whale-like fish” in the waters of the loch, the reported sighting went (what we would now call) viral. Interest in this ancient legend was reignited, and people came from over the world to seek out the monster for themselves.

Almost a hundred years, and many expeditions later, we still have no conclusive proof of its existence. But Nessie, as we affectionately call her, has become an important part of our culture. The old hotel where Mrs Mackay worked is now the Loch Ness Centre, an interactive exhibition where you can learn more about the legend and uncover the truth. While Deepscan Cruises will take you out on the loch to carry out your own search.

The Loch Ness Centre interactive visitor attraction on Loch Ness

Drumnadrochit village green

The village green is in the heart of Drumnadrochit. There are cafes and gift shops, places to sit and picnic, and a tourist information centre. It’s a very pleasant place to stop for a rest, enjoy some refreshments and pick up a few Scottish souvenirs.

Castle overlooking Loch Ness

Just east of the main village, don’t miss a trip to Urquhart Castle. Founded in the 13th century, this castle has a turbulent history. Attacked and raided on several occasions, it was left in ruins some 400 years later. And while much of it has been destroyed, it has an air of mystery and romance about it. Popularised by its appearance in an episode of TV series, Outlander, this is one of the must-see attractions in the area.

Urquhart Castle and Loch Ness, near the Kingsmills Hotel, Inverness

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Day tripping near Inverness

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