The Inverness Bridal List

Bridal Essentials for a happy bride!

If you’re planning a wedding in Inverness, be sure to print off our wedding planning checklist here for a list of things to organise before the big day. And to help you tick off some of those bridal essentials, such as the all-important dresses and flowers, here are some of our tips and favourite local suppliers.

First things first

Bellisima Brides has everything you could possibly want or need to make your special day all about you. The first thing on our Inverness bridal list is the dress. It’s time to make you look your best. And if you haven’t found that one-in-a-million dress, this is definitely one shop to put on the books. With a vast choice of designers and materials to suit every budget, this shop makes everything about a happy bride their top priority. For a little extra to top off that wonderful glow, Bellisima even has an accessories section. So if you’re all about the sparkle, or you’ve always imagined being a vision of elegance, you will find everything you need to glide down the aisle in perfect style and grace right here.


Now the shorten and wear again dresses

With the bride happy, it’s time to make sure the bridesmaids look their best. Not that it will matter with all eyes on the bride, but it does help make all photos of the day picture-perfect. So next on the list is the bridesmaids dresses. Phase Eight have a range of elegant dresses in all sizes and colours to make sure each bridesmaid has the best dress for them to carry out all their duties as the bride’s most valued friends. And if you really want your bridesmaids to shine, pick an elegant colour to match your wedding theme and let them pick out their dress. Instead of all trying to squeeze in or fill out the same dress, a well-fitting, comfortable bridesmaids dress that suits their body type will make the world of difference on the day.


Vintage and violets or lovely lilies

Now that you have everything to make you feel like a princess, it’s off to the flower shop for the best bouquet. Angela Hunter Flowers is an award-winning wedding florist. Which makes this is the place to be for the bride to be. From classic white lilies, to daringly blue roses, this florist will create the perfect bouquets to complement your dress and wedding theme. It’s an absolute must on our Inverness bridal list.


Now that we have a happy bride, it’s time to tie up our bridal essentials with the most important item on our Inverness bridal list –  some beauty sleep. We can think of no better place for a bride to relax and pamper herself on that exciting “night before” than right here at the Kingsmills Hotel. With everything a bride could possibly need, it’s the perfect place to start your happily ever after story.