Summer Holiday Highland Breaks

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The Scottish Highlands are a wonderful place to visit during the summer – the possibilities of events, attractions and places to go to are endless. The Highlands are home to many incredible cultural attractions and historic sites – interactive learning has never been so fun! The beauty of the local area during the summer months is irrefutable, and it truly is an experience than can be only conveyed in the flesh. We give you a rundown of just a few of the top attractions to visit and enjoy your summer holiday Highland breaks!

The Inverness Highland Games

The Highland games are a huge part of our culture, and you can enjoy them too! The competitive sports of the games include events such as javelin, shot put, tossing the caber, dancing, the 10km race and piping competitions. The Highland games are hosted at multiple venues each year and each venue has its very own set of games.

Inverness Highland Games – 18th July, 2015

  • Solo piping competitions.
  • Highland dancing competitions.
  • Mass Highland fling.
  • Strongwoman event.
  • Scots Hammer.
  • Tossing the Caber.
  • Stonemason’s Stone.

Newtonmore Highland Games – 1 August 2015

  • 16 lb Shot Put.
  • 16 lb Scots Hammer.
  • 28 lb Weight for distance.
  • 56 lb Weight over bar.
  • 16 lb Sheaf over bar.
  • Creagh Dhubh Hill Race.

Booking Summer Holiday Highland Breaks

If you’re planning to visit some of the local Highland games events, then luxury accommodation is a must for tired feet and sleepy eyes! Book onto one of our special offers and dine like a king with the Kingsmills!