Scottish Wedding Trends

Scottish Wedding Trends 2016

Whilst many of us have had our days planned since we were 6 years old, there is always tips to plan the perfect big day. With our scrapbooks of weddings past and going to weddings now with a notepad, there is always something someone else has that you will want. Whether it’s a puffy, multi layer dress that makes you resemble the most magical of Disney princesses’, or jumping on the lace trend and giving your wedding a Great Gatsby theme, there is a trend for everyone. With the Scottish Highlands providing the most breathtaking backdrop for your wedding, the Scottish Wedding Trends of 2016 are something to take in.

I’m Getting Married in the Morning

Recent years have seen brides rush to recreate their version of a royal wedding or something straight off a Pinterest board. But as we greet 2016, its clear brides are much more interested in going down the aisle their own way. Couples today want a wedding that showcases who they are, that’s a fun experience for their guests and that won’t look or feel dated — ever. Hometown Heores is the trend, and 2016 is when it’s happening. It’s becoming more and more popular amongst newlyweds to bring parts of their hometown, youth and personalities into their wedding.

Whether it be with your order of service, your table centres or even your favours, a personal touch is becoming the most talked about elements of weddings, and fast. From weddings where the name cards where individual caricatures of the guests, to little poems written by the bride and groom, its all about the little touches. And with the little things costing little themselves, it’s the perfect way to upgrade your wedding on a budget and encapsulate the trend into your beautiful Scottish wedding.


Here comes the Bride

In Spring, there is always the same trend. Florals. But this time, in true future 2016 style, the trend is 3D florals! With dresses now taking lace, florals and putting them on the dress, it only means weddings are getting bigger and better. Straight from the catwalk, floral trends are becoming the centre piece of many weddings. The other hottest trend bouncing off the catwalk is skin. Or more correctly, backless. Yes, the hottest trend for a Scottish wedding, and of brides in 2016 is showing off the skin and the body you’ve maintained for months to fit into THE dress. And backless is the way to go. Fashionista note that the way to go is a backless dress with a veil falling over the skin ever so elegantly, keeping the class and beauty of a blissful bride.


Can’t Help Falling in Love with You Kingsmills

Of course, the biggest trend on the Scottish wedding scene is funnily enough, Pinterest. Designing your own board with tips and ideas for your big day, and slowly but surely, pin by pin, you have it. Your perfect day, ready to be built in real life. With our own Kingsmills Pinterest, we’re collecting only the best tips for your big day and ideas on how to make your wedding the most memorable of 2016.  

However, of course, our biggest tip for making your wedding the most memorable, is Kingsmills Hotel. Because at Kingsmills, when you know you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to start now. Whether you plan on celebrating your love with 3 or 300 people, we can offer a choice of seven stunningly beautiful wedding venues that allow you to compose a truly memorable, blissful, beautiful Scottish wedding, set right in the heart of the Highlands of Inverness.