Kids craft ideas for the summer holidays

Summer holiday craft ideas for children

As summer arrives in Scotland, we are so looking forward to the holidays! Our family-friendly hotel in Inverness, Scotland, welcomes children of all ages. And we have luxury family rooms to keep everyone happy. Here, we’re sharing some of our favourite summer craft ideas. For a fun, easy and inexpensive way to keep the little ones busy during the summer holidays.

Decorate your own holiday shoes

You will need: Some fabric pens or paints and a pair of plain white plimsolls.

This is a really simple idea, but lots of fun for creative kids. Take a pair of plain white fabric plimsolls in your child’s size, and let them decorate them with fabric pens or paints.

If the shoes have laces, remove them first. Get your child to draw and colour over all the white fabric, with their own holiday-themed design. Then, thread the laces back on, and voila! A beautiful, colourful pair of shoes, ready to take your child on their summer holiday adventures.

Someone decorating shoes
Children will love decorating their own shoes for the summer holidays.

Make a holiday treasure box

You will need: A small wooden box, acrylic paints, some shiny paper or tape, small gem stickers.

Children love to collect souvenirs on their travels. So, it’s a lovely idea for them to make a treasure box, which they can take on holiday and fill with special keepsakes.

Ask your child to paint the box inside and out in their desired colours. We recommend acrylic paint as it is a durable, water-based paint. When completely dry, add strips of coloured paper or tape across the box, to create the look of straps, as you would find on a treasure chest. Then, decorate the strips with coloured gemstones. The ideal place for your child to keep their holiday souvenirs.

Child decorating a wooden box with paints
A hand-made treasure box is a special place to keep holiday memories safe.

Make your own paper windmill

You will need: colourful paper, ruler, scissors, split pin, straw.

This is a great activity for the summer. Make a paper windmill, which your children can enjoy in the garden or take to the beach to put on top of their sandcastle.

Help your child to cut the paper into a square. Fold diagonally to form a triangle and then unfold. Repeat on the opposite diagonal. This will form two creases, making an X. Cut along the creases, from the corner to about two-thirds along. Now, gently bend (don’t fold) each of the 4 corners, in turn, into the middle, securing with a split pin. Then push the split pin through the top of a straw to make the handle.

Making a paper windmill
Pop your paper windmill on top of a sandcastle at the beach and watch it spin!

We hope these summer holiday craft ideas have given you some inspiration. If you make your own, be sure to bring them along on your family holiday to The Kingsmills and let us see your creations! Don’t forget to check out our luxury family breaks. We hope to see you here soon!