Best Beaches near Inverness

Stuck at home this summer and lusting after the sandy beaches of southern Europe? You don’t have to pay out for expensive flights, hotels and transfers this summer to experience sunny sandy beaches. Located at the tip of the Scottish Highlands, Inverness presents plentiful local beaches of varying sizes and textures. From sand to shingle, there’s a gorgeous little beach just waiting to be discovered! We’ve collated our favourite beaches near Inverness for you to explore:

Fortrose Beach


Located a mere 6 miles from the town centre of Inverness, Fortrose Beach is a small, predominantly sandy beach. The gorgeous little beach overlooks the waters of the Moray Firth. Making it the ideal place to settle down for an afternoon of picnicking and snoozing in the sun.  This beach is perfect for those not looking to venture too far from the Inverness city centre.

Nairn Beach

Perhaps one of the best-known beaches of the Highlands, Nairn beach is located just 13 miles out from Inverness town centre. Renowned for its golden sands and dolphin sighting, the beach itself is wide, clean and surrounded by sandy dunes. With sights belonging on a postcard, the beach is the ideal place for a family day out. At high tide, the sandy dunes are still accessible; meaning a full day at the beach is very much on the cards.

Dornoch Beach

The scenic Dornoch Beach is located 27 miles out from Inverness. A perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of town life, Dornoch Beach is a stretch of unspoilt beauty. The beach is composed of expanses of golden sand, rock pools and sandy dunes. Free from the commercialism of burger and ice cream vans, a visit to Dornoch Beach is a serene experience. Keep an eye out on the sandbars as you might be lucky enough to spot some seals too! Though don’t approach too close – they can give quite the nasty nip!

The ‘Secret Beach’…

A secret so good you have to share! This idyllic beach can be found just before you reach the town of Nairn. And offers the perfect balance of golden sand, tranquility and sensational views of the Moray Firth. If you are lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of the famous bottlenose dolphins that occupy the waters – a truly memorable experience. 

Beaches near Inverness

Widely adored by the locals, the local beaches near Inverness are exceptionally well maintained, clean and safe. It really is the perfect getaway to destress! Do you have a favourite local Inverness beach? What is your top tip for dolphin and seal spotting? Share with us in the comments below!