Growing your B2B business in Inverness

B2B business is booming

With Inverness being famous for its beautiful scenery, long, winding walks and the destination for Scottish tourism, perhaps many don’t know of the booming business economy and B2B society that is fast growing and dominating Inverness. With B2B networking becoming the core factor in developing businesses and the most crucial thing a business needs to succeed, it is no surprise Inverness is taking advantage of this fact. To grow your business in Inverness, it would seem you need a few things. Determination, networking and now, Inverness.


Great connections

While flights to and from London having just been opened to the Highlands and Amsterdam becoming a sister location of Inverness, business in Inverness is set to take off like a firework in May this year. Connecting businesses and opportunities within the UK and the rest of the world to the beautiful Scottish Highlands. With Inverness becoming much more accessible via car, rail or sky, it makes sense that growing, modern businesses may like to add a little scenic inspiration to their business trip, rather than mundane typical office space. When you have the option of brainstorming magnificent ideas in front of magnificent views, what more inspiration could you need?

With Inverness Tourism and Business going through an unfamiliar economic boom, it seems only fitting that the developing business world is up and coming in the heart of Inverness. Business gravitates to areas most profitable, and the economic and development boom in Inverness makes for the perfect location.


Doing business at the Kingsmills

With so much beautiful scenery and beauty dotted around the idyllic Inverness, where to boost your business almost leaves you spoiled for choice. At the Kingsmills Hotel, our mantra is to make your business our business. Whether it be bespoke one-to-one meetings, ground-breaking board gatherings or fun team building exercises, the Kingsmills has it all.

With a history of hosting the best events in Inverness, we can turn even the most ambitious ideas into an unforgettable event, completely fuss-free. Our experienced events team really get to know you and understand your objectives. To create a successful day that leaves everyone smiling. Our unwavering commitment to exceptional service means you can relax knowing your guests are extremely well looked after. Your event is about you. We recognise that no two events are the same. So we’ll always take the time to discuss your vision to build the best package for you. So contact our events team today to find out more.