Swimming Lessons For All Ages

Swimming Lessons

Swimming is an effective and exciting form of exercise for people of all ages. With a number of physical, psychological and social benefits, learning to swim has become an important life skill for any individual. The Kingsmills Leisure Club provides the ideal environment for this. Our swimming lessons in Inverness offer seclusion and a relaxing atmosphere. So all nerves will disappear as you take your first stroke on your journey.

Children’s Swimming Lessons Inverness

Getting your child into the pool at a young age will nurture the skills they need to become a confident swimmer. We’ve designed our lessons to be enjoyable, whilst still providing a structure that will see your child progress and make waves in their swimming ability. Our qualified swimming instructors are members of the Swimming Teachers Association. They offer lots of support and encouragement and focus on getting the best from your child.


We offer one-to-one lessons in our Inverness swimming pool for all experience levels, from ages four and up. One-to-one lessons are the perfect opportunity to have lessons personalised to your individual needs and ambitions and provide that extra bit of reassurance for children who are initially reluctant to learn how to swim. After a block of lessons, you or your child will have gained additional confidence in their swimming ability and make good progress towards being a competent swimmer. 

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Our next block is right around the corner. Here’s an idea of what’s included:

  • 1 lesson per week, same time each week for 8 or 10 weeks (Ages 4+)
  • One-to-one 30 minute sessions with an fully qualified instructor.
  • Lessons can be scheduled between 3pm-6.30pm Mon-Thursday.

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