Tracing Your Scottish Ancestry

Scottish ancestry: Researching your family tree in Inverness

Inverness is the ideal place to discover your Scottish ancestry and family tree. Where better to explore your heritage than among the beautiful highlands of Scotland? With stories of great victories to gruesome bloodshed, who knows what you might discover?

How to get started

Begin by writing down what you already know. Start with a family tree template and enter your information and your family’s, including names, dates and places of birth, marriage and death and photographs where possible. Ask other family members for help. Then, you’re ready to start your research. You can now work backwards through the generations to fill in the gaps. If you have Scottish ancestry, you can use the following online resources to help you.

A blank Family Tree diagram
Use a family tree template and start gathering your information.

Research Facilities in Inverness

If you want to get closer to your Scottish roots, a visit to Scotland is a wonderful way to immerse yourself. And for those with ancestry in the Scottish Highlands, Inverness is the perfect base.

The Highland Archive Centre is located on Bught Road in Inverness. It contains masses of material for genealogists, both professional and amateur enthusiast.

Over the years the centre has built up a diverse, fascinating and truly unique collection of directories, biographies, registers, general Scottish history, education records, court records, police archives and poor relief records too. There are also many privately deposited archives. Namely business and industrial records, as well as estate maps, church records, family records and even information on the history of tartan.

With a dedicated family history centre onsite, you’ll have all the necessary tools to trace back your ancestry and identify your Scottish roots, with the archives dating as far back as the 14th century till present day. The “Search Room” is open to all members of the public free of charge, and manned by helpful staff who are more than happy to advise on your search.

Old books, albums and photos on antique table
Visit Inverness and get closer to your Scottish roots.

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