Midges, Munchies And More This Summer In Inverness

The Notorious Highland Midges

It is a truth universally acknowledged. When the winds of winter subside and the promise of summer lingers in the air, swarms of parasitic beasties lie in wait. Biding their time to wreak havoc on the Scottish Highlands. The scourge of the Highlands, these pesky dormant midges hatch forth in the thousands in the height of summer to terrorise locals and tourists alike. So for those spending this summer in Inverness, we thought it best to share a few wee local titbits to dealing with Highland midges.

The Perfect Swarm

Midges are tiny little insects whose bites pack an almighty punch. With a wingspan of less than 2mm, a single midge is almost invisible to the human eye. Unlike their male counterparts (who subscribe to a vegan way of life), the female midge is a bloodsucking vixen that abides by the age-old adage of “strength in numbers”. Which means the chances of you coming across a single midge on her lonesome is miniscule. Like all members of the female variety enjoying a bit of a natter on a Friday night, they tend to do their best work in packs.

Swarm of midges

Never Underestimate The Enemy

While a midge’s bite is more irritating than painful, a large swarm can still do some damage. Which means all selfie moments are lost as you spend the rest of your Scottish Highland holiday closely resembling your grandmother’s old pincushion. Luckily for you, there are ways to protect yourself from these femme fatales. When out and about, you can check the Midge Forecast (yes, that is a real thing), cover up bare skin and use a midge repellent, to keep the little beasts at bay.

Parent putting spray on child's hands and arms

Cloudy With A Chance Of Midges

Cloudy, damp, windless summer days in the Highlands are the perfect hunting grounds for unsuspecting midge victims. But a gentle breeze can blow a horde of these ferocious flying warriors off course. Their tiny wings also mean they have trouble keeping up with you. So if midge weather is imminent when outdoors, simply pick up the pace and you will be fine. And since midges are most likely to attack at dawn or dusk, hitting the snooze button or enjoying a sundowner in our Conservatory is more than a traditional holiday perk. In fact, we highly recommend it for your own protection. 😉

The Conservatory restaurant with tables set for dining in the Kingmills Hotel

All in all, avoiding the dreaded Highland midge this summer in Inverness is easier than you think. But if you do happen to find yourself in the midst of a midge swarm, head to the Kingsmills Bar for a wee drink and a telling of your midges’ woes. You won’t be the first guest to nurse their midges’ munchies over a dram and you probably won’t be the last.