Inverness Highland Games 2022

The Inverness Highland Games 200th anniversary

For hundreds of years, the Highland Games has been a celebration of brute strength, local wares and age-old traditions. In other words, a celebration of all things Scottish. Over the years the games have evolved from tests of strength and stamina, to include demonstrations of dance and music to keep kings, queens and chieftains entertained. Today the games are a tribute to our past and a testament to our future. It’s why we love the Highland Games! It is a day of good clean family fun and kilty Scottish pleasures. And where better to celebrate this rich and vibrant heritage than with our local Inverness Highland Games? Taking place on Saturday 16th July 2022 – and celebrating its 200-year anniversary!

Traditional scottish pipe band in kilt at Highland Games
In 2022, the Inverness Highland Games celebrates its 200th year anniversary.

The Highland Games across Scotland

With over 60 Highland Games events taking place across Scotland annually, the games are a marker of illustrative Scottish history and culture. Believed to have originated from Ireland around 2000 B.C. the games have gained increasingly popularity. Today, athletes and amateurs worldwide flock to the games to compete against each other across various platforms. Competitive events include javelin, shot put, tossing the caber, dancing, the 10km race and piping competitions.

Strong man throwing a weight at a Scottish Highland Games
The games include a programme of sporting events to test strength and skill.

The Highland Games in Inverness

The Inverness Highland Games will take place on Saturday 16th July at Northern Meeting Park, the world’s oldest known Highland Games stadium. This will be the 200th anniversary of our city’s games, which began in 1822. The last couple of games were unfortunately cancelled due to the pandemic. So we are looking forward to a big celebration in 2022!

Although the programme is yet to be announced, expect events such as piping competitions, Highland dancing, a mass Highland fling, strongest man and woman, haggis hurling, tossing the caber, stonemason’s stone and many more! Take a look at our blog on traditional Highland Games events an idea of what to expect.

Three traditional Highland dancers
The programme also includes traditional music and dance events.

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