Events and Conferences in Inverness

The date is set, the invites designed and the entertainment booked – and now the pre-event jitters have begun to set in:  What if nobody attends? Will my event make an impression or will it just be another old conference? What if nobody can find the venue? When it comes to hosting events and conferences in Inverness, we know how what’s involved.

Regardless of whether you’re planning a cutting-edge seminar or simply a networking catch-up, we promise you don’t need a qualification in events management to ensure that your day is a success. Take a look at our top tips to help make your event stand out.

Plan your Promotion

Last minute promotion won’t cut it, but neither will months of shoving flyers in your colleagues’ faces. Dedicate at least two to four weeks to advertising your event. When putting together invites, leaflets, social media ads and other collateral, keep your message brief and concise – people should be able to sum up your event, its purpose, its location and time in one sentence.

Reach Out to Local Media

Don’t keep it to friends and family – if you want your event to be a true success, pull together a simple press release and approach local media. Often local newspapers and radio stations are more than willing help local communities and will gladly plug your event. Bonus tip – throw in a free ticket for the journalist and you may even see some press coverage on the day!

Run a Social Media Competition

Nothing spreads faster than word of mouth – it’s the best kind of advertising there is. Consider running some giveaways and competitions in conjunction with your event. By encourage people to share your event online, this will help to increase awareness and reach a broader audience for free!

Create a Hashtag

Create a hashtag relating to your event and encourage friends, family and colleagues to use it when talking about your event online. Consistently using a hashtag will help spread awareness of the event by others clicking through when used in conjunction with more popular tags.

Give an Incentive to Attend

Don’t rely just on word of mouth! Offer a free glass of wine, a raffle or another incentive like a goody bag to encourage people to attend. Everybody loves a freebie – look to see if you can partner up with local companies to procure samples to hand out at your events.

With our top tips and fantastic team on hand, you can relax knowing that your event is in good hands. Take a look at our venue and imagine yourself hosting an occasion here.

What’s your top tip for making an event stand out? Share it with us!