Celebration Inspiration: Guest Book Ideas

Alternative Guest Book Ideas

A guest book is a traditional way to collect messages from guests at a wedding or special occasion. But sometimes it’s nice to do something a bit different. This week we’ve been scouring Instagram for some alternative guest book ideas, so that you can create a unique keepsake from your event that you’ll treasure forever.

These are our favourite party and wedding guest book ideas. They add a personal touch, so you can look back on your event with happiness, remembering all the friends and family that attended.

Finger Print Trees

We think these finger print trees are fantastic guest book alternatives. Put up a large drawing of a tree without leaves and ask each guest to dip a finger into ink and put their print onto one of the branches. They can then sign their name next to their print. The finger prints look like leaves and they create a special and unique picture, which you can frame.

Or, how about this finger print tree for a baby shower? Guests put a pink or blue finger print on the tree, to say if they think the baby will be a girl or a boy. It will be fun to look back on and see who was right!

Wishing Jars

This would make a lovely unique party or wedding guest book. Take a large glass jar and ask your friends and family to fill it with their messages and wishes. You can use little wooden shapes for the guests to sign, like hearts for a wedding or stars for a christening. Later, you can keep them in the jar, or take them out and display them in a creative way.

Post Box

Hire or make your own post box. Leave a stack of postcards next to it, for guests to write their messages on. They can then post them into the box for you to read later. After the event, you can keep the postcards in a photo album or scrapbook for you to look back on for years to come.

Polaroid Guest Book

We love this retro idea. A traditional guest book with a twist. Polaroid cameras have come a long way since the 60s, and there are lots of modern models to buy today. For those who don’t remember them, they take instant photos which print out immediately from the camera. Pass your polaroid camera around with your guest book (you could even attach them with a chord to ensure they stay together). Ask your guests to take some fun snaps and stick them into the book alongside their messages. Your book will hold some wonderful memories of a special day.

So, those are just a few fun alternative guest book ideas, which we hope will find useful. If you’re planning a special celebration in the Scottish Highlands, be it a wedding, birthday party, christening or family get-together, please get in touch with the Kingsmills team. We can help you find the perfect venue, as we have elegant spaces available for gatherings for all sizes in Inverness. Plus, a number of entertainment and catering options. And keep following our blog, Facebook and Twitter for more celebration inspiration!