5 Great Ideas for Wedding Favours

Great Ideas for Wedding Favours with the Kingsmills

As one of the top wedding venues in Inverness, here at the Kingsmills we pride ourselves on the fine details – the small things matter, especially on your special wedding day, arguably the most important day of your life.

Getting it correct is paramount. With our heritage dating back to the 18th century, we have orchestrated many weddings time and time again.

Remembering your special day is equally as special and the wedding favours let loved ones reminisce fondly at the matrimony you now share with your loved one.

Personalised Sunglasses

Wedding Venues in Inverness, if being held outside, should always have weather-appropriate wedding favours available. With our own micro-climate, we enjoy more sunny days each year. As a fashionable favour, these will not only protect your eyes but add a cool factor to all your guests. It could be the perfect Men in Black line up outside our Garden Rooms at Kingsmills!

Luxury Flip Flops

Our Wedding Venue in Inverness knows how to throw a good party. With our love for a good groove after celebrating matrimony, what better way than to prepare for those sore feet? No one should feel guilty dawning flip-flops at a wedding; it’s your night so enjoy it comfortably.

Lego Lapels

We were all children once. Weddings are for enjoying life, celebrating the future before us and the history that led you to the alter. Every adult has a toy they loved so why not create bespoke Lego Lapels wedding favours, special for every guest.

Bespoke Art Name Placements

Special for every person, every wedding venue is only complete with the finishing touches. If you’re catering or wedding an artist, or if your hosting a summer wedding, this is the perfect – colourful  – name placement idea that can double as wedding favours. Our Wedding Venue in Inverness caters for Weddings all year round.

Gift a Tree

Chocolate can be eaten, sweets can be discarded but a tree is literally for life. What better way to remember your special day and for your guests to root their memories best. Inexpensive, and perfect to go with our Garden Rooms at Kingsmills.

Wedding Favours and Your Wedding at the Kingsmills

Our dedicated Wedding enquiries team are on hand to advise on everything from our beautiful venue to picking your wedding favours. – make an enquiry here or call +44 (0) 1463 257 120 today!