Environment and Sustainability

Environment and Sustainability

Kingsmills Hotel Environmental and Sustainability Pledge

“Sustainability isnโ€™t just something that we believe is the right thing to do. It has become a leading influence at the core of our company ethos. We strive to showcase the new age of what luxury can be. An unforgettable experience without over-consumption and negatively affecting our planet”.

We recognise our growing responsibility in delivering an exceptional guest experience. Supporting a high standard of environmental practices throughout the hotel. For this reason, sustainability is at the forefront of our vision where feasible as we continue to grow and improve.

We are committed to reducing any negative environmental practices implemented within our business. This is an integral and fundamental component of our overall strategy and operating methods. This shift begins with the beating heart of the hotel, our employees. So we actively encourage them to understand and contribute to our environmental promise, goals and engage in best energy practices.

As a hotel, we have developed a collection of goals that merge to form our environmental promise. From education and training to infrastructure and engaging with our local community, this promise is the driving force in a green future for the Kingsmills Hotel.

Our Promise

  • Improve our consciousness of sound pollution throughout the hotel, by implementing infrastructure and policy within the day-to-day operations of our hotel.
  • To educate and inform our guests about the importance of conservation, sustainable tourism and the differences they can make by saving energy, water, the use of products, towels and services, without impacting on their comfort during their stay.
  • Continue to educate employees in environmental best practices and carry out training to facilitate this. We will involve our employees in igniting this change, asking for ideas and inspiration on how we can improve.
  • Monitor and work to reduce our contribution to environmental emissions from travel taken for business purposes.
  • Work closely with suppliers and contractors who also share our commitment for environmental sustainability and have compatible policies for managing their impact on the environment.
  • Record the consumption of energy, water usage and waste throughout the hotel. Also, regularly audit and evaluate to ensure that objectives and targets for reduction are determined.
  • Manage waste generated from our hotel, continue to recycle where possible and reduce the percentage of our waste going into landfill.
  • Have a proactive and positive approach to environmental issues, with a review of our environmental policy on an annual basis, to monitor our goal progression.
  • Improve our recycling of items such as aluminium/tin cans, cardboard, cooking oil, batteries, light bulbs, glass and food.
  • Recycle our food waste into compost which we purchase back from Keenan.
  • Recycling to nourish our gardens.

Our Environmental Milestones

November 2018 saw the end of single use plastics at the Kingsmills Hotel as we introduced environmentally-friendly toiletries from ARRAN Sense of Scotland throughout the rooms and public bathrooms in the hotel. Previously, we were using over 180,000 plastic bottles annually at the detriment to the planet. We were delighted to move to a more efficient and ecological alternative.

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