We offer a range of holistic reflexology treatments which activate and support the body’s natural healing system. Deep rooted in ancient times, reflexology involves the massaging of particular spots primarily on your feet. Each of which corresponds to certain organs.

Reflexology treats you as a complete human being. All parts of the body and all thoughts and feelings are subtly connected in an intricate way. This philosophy differs from much of the prevailing medical attitudes of Western society, which tends to treat symptoms in isolation rather than address the person as a whole.

Reflexology has helped many ease the symptoms of long-standing illnesses. And remains an incredibly effective, non-medicinal means of helping the body heal itself. Even at its most basic level, reflexology is a soothing experience that can assist in alleviating stress. When the right reflex points are targeted, miraculous benefits can be achieved.

At The Kingsclub Spa, our highly-qualified reflexologists can offer this wonderfully relaxing treatment in tranquil surroundings. Each therapist will consider your whole lifestyle to create a specially tailored massage that will alleviate any issues you may be experiencing.

45 minute Reflexology Massage treatment – £40.00

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