Our Kingsclub Spa offers tailored aromatherapy massages to soothe your deepest aches and pains and revitalise your mind and spirit. Your therapist will choose a blend of harmonious essential oils and calming scents to realign your senses during this deeply restorative treatment. You will leave with an increased sense of well-being and renewed energy and vigour.

Each massage is bespoke to your requirements to requirements to work those areas that require some special attention. You’ll soon understand why this ancient practice is still widely used today.


Many people connect the aroma of essential oils with the creation of a luxurious and relaxing environment but they may not be aware of the multitude of health conditions which essential oils
can help to alleviate. Following your consultation, your Therapist will select the appropriate oils to suit your needs.

60 Min Full Body Massage £55.00

Back, neck & Shoulders 30 min Treatment £37.00

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