MacLeod Room

Our MacLeod Room is a small business meeting or dinner venue in the historical building. This venue has a remarkably well preserved original stucco ceiling dating from the late 1700s and exudes the refined elegance of a bygone era. With dark wood furniture, a dreamy atmosphere and plenty of natural light, walking into the MacLeod Room can quickly remind you of the sophistication of our ancestors.

The MacLeod Room can cater for 18-35 guests in complete comfort. The intimate set up makes this room perfect for shareholder and board meetings, while its sophisticated 18th Century ambience also makes it a much loved venue for enjoying a spectacular dining experience.

If you are looking to host a private dinner in the MacLeod Room, our team of talented chefs can create a superb menu that blends perfectly with your setting.


Please see below for technical details and room specifications and don’t hesitate to get in touch with any further questions.

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