Don’t Let your Skin Suffer this Winter

Ladies Taking Spa Selfie

Don’t let your skin suffer this Winter- Our expert spa team are her to take care of you.
Skincare is definitely the most important part of any daily routine. Maintaining your skin and giving it some well-deserved TLC will keep it looking youthful, glowing and clear all year round. With the colder seasons rapidly approaching, it is essential to remember that your skin requires alternative care to keep it protected against the harsh winds and extremely dry air that unfortunately comes hand in hand with Winter.

Creating the perfect skincare routine can be a timely process if you are not a qualified dermatologist. Fear not! We know this can be a very overwhelming and costly experience which is why we are here to provide an affordable and relaxing alternative for you.

Our experts here at Kingsmills Spa are able to establish your exact skin type and create a personalised treatment leaving your skin looking brand new and experience the luxury of Comfort Zone, Italy’s award-winning beauty products proven to restore vitality and create a healthy glow. Our team of beauticians will discuss each step of your personal facial treatment so that you too can understand the importance of each stage and what effect it is having on your skin.

Our luxurious facial treatments come in four different packages: Rebalance, Purify, Lighten & Whiten and Renew & Nourish. Each facial includes a complimentary massage for your scalp, hands and arms, or feet, ensuring you are refreshed and leave feeling brand new head to toe!

Treat yourself before the party season and ensure you are glowing all December.

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