Exploring Munros near Inverness

Bag a Munro during your stay

A Munro is a Scottish mountain rising over 3,000 feet/910 metres, named after Sir Hugh Munro who first collected them in a list in 1891. Stunning views, challenging climbs, and an unforgettable experience awaits hikers and climbers who take on any one of the 282 peaks. Book a room at the Kingsmills Hotel and you can always be assured of a warm welcome and comfortable bed after a long day of hiking. So take a look at some Munros near Inverness and decide to take on a challenge yourself. But we warn you – Munro bagging, which is trying to climb every Munro, is addictive!

Ben Wyvis (1,046 meters)

Distance from Inverness: 40 km (25 miles)

Ben Wyvis covered in snow.

Ben Wyvis is the closest Munro to Inverness. It is also accessible for new climbers meaning it’s popular with locals and visitors alike. Ben Wyvis is a relatively straightforward climb, ideal for those new to Munro-bagging or those keen to stretch their legs and enjoy stunning views from the top. The ascent typically begins at Garbat, with a well-maintained path leading through forests and moorlands to the summit.

Sgurr na Lapaich (1,150 meters)

Distance from Inverness: 60 km (37 miles)

One of the highest Munros in the region, Sgurr na Lapaich, offers a more challenging climb with dramatic scenery. The typical starting point is from the picturesque Loch Mullardoch. This Munro is known for its rugged terrain and steep ascents, providing a thrilling experience for seasoned climbers.

Tom a’ Choinich (1,112 meters) and Toll Creagach (1,054 meters)

Distance from Inverness: 70 km (43 miles)

A view along Glen Affric.

The twin Munros of Tom a’ Choinich and and Toll Creagach are often climbed together, getting your Munro bagging off to a great start! These peaks offer a fantastic day out in the hills, enjoying stunning Highland scenery. Starting from the Glen Affric area, the route takes climbers through beautiful forest trails and up onto high ridges. Additionally, Glen Affric itself is a highlight. It is often called the most beautiful glen in Scotland. It is renowned for its ancient Caledonian pine forests and rich biodiversity.

A’ Chraileag (1,120 meters) and Mullach Fraoch-choire (1,102 meters)

Distance from Inverness: 75 km (47 miles)

The ridge of 

Located in the Kintail region, these A’ Chraileag and Mullach Fraoch-choire offer a dramatic and rugged climb. The route typically starts from the Cluanie Inn, leading hikers through steep ascents and rocky ridges. The Kintail area is famed for its rugged beauty and challenging terrain. So if you are looking for a climb to really test yourself against, this Munro may be for you.

…then relax at Kingsmills

The Munros near Inverness offer a diverse range of climbing experiences, from gentle slopes to challenging peaks. Whether you’re a seasoned Munro-bagger or a beginner looking to start your journey, the Highlands around Inverness provide a perfect backdrop for your adventures. And at the end of the day, come back to the Kingsmills for a relaxing stay. So make the most of our restaurant and spa facilities to make it a break to remember in the Scottish Highlands.