How to make your team meetings more engaging

Getting the most out of your team meetings

Regular meetings can become run-of-the-mill and unproductive, if you don’t shake things up once in a while. So if you’re looking for ways to make your team meetings more engaging, follow our tips below. Make the most out of those important catch-ups, leaving your team feeling energised and motivated.

Face-to-face matters

Where possible, it’s best to meet face-to-face, rather than online. Although virtual meeting platforms are incredibly useful when you can’t all be together in one place, nothing beats an in-person meeting for maximum engagement, effective communication and meaningful working relationships. So if you can, meet together regularly for the most rewarding team meetings.

People gathered at a business meeting
Meeting in person allows for better communication and maximum engagement.

A change of scenery

Changing your surroundings can really increase productivity. It interrupts the everyday and mundane, stimulating new ideas and boosting creativity. So instead of booking the same old office meeting room, try getting out to a new location. Meeting outdoors can be particularly beneficial for health and wellbeing at work, proven to reduce stress, strengthen memory and improve focus.

Business meeting taking place outdoors
Meeting outdoors can boost productivity and creativity in the work place.

Do things differently

There are others ways you can change things up to inspire your team too. Rather than always following a rigid meeting format, you can do things in a different order. Use the time to discuss new ideas and try to get people thinking in a different way. And if the same person always leads the meetings, why not ask someone else?

Team meeting taking place in an office
Shake things up a bit to keep your meetings interesting.

Break the ice

Icebreaker exercises are a great way to get all team members engaged from the outset. These are simple games, which can help warm up a meeting. Encouraging everyone to get involved and improving team bonding. Here are some great icebreaker ideas from Science of People, which are easy to prepare and fun to do.

Ask for ideas

Make sure you give everyone the chance to make a contribution to the meeting. A team that feels listened to and appreciated, will be more motivated and harder working. Plus, you can benefit from a much wider pool of ideas. Some people like time to think about what they’re going to say, so always hand out the agenda in advance. Others come up with ideas on the spot, so be sure to leave space between items for people to voice their opinions. Remember to ask everyone, as some team members might need more encouragement to speak up than others.

Colleagues sharing ideas on colourful post-it notes
It’s import to get the whole team involved and sharing their ideas.

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