Whisky Tasting at The Kingsmills

Whisky Tasting

Have you visited one of the many nearby distilleries during your stay? Then why not complete your experience with a whisky tasting session in our stylish Inverness Whisky Bar. With over 70 whiskies and counting, we have a tempting array for you to discover during a tasting session with our trained whisky connoisseurs.

Whisky is known as “the water of life” in our corner of the world meaning we take great pride in crafting exceptional malts. During your tasting session, we will introduce you to a flight of whiskies comprising of four specially selected drams. You will be talked through the flavours you are experiencing and the history of the distillery that produces this malt allowing you to full appreciate our national drink.

Not sure which set of whiskies are for you? Take a look below at some of our favourite whisky producing areas and take a look at our full menu to select your favourite. Also keep an eye out for our malt of the month to sample a real treat.


As the largest whisky-producing region, there’s a lot on offer here! You’ll find a maritime influence in West Highland malts, whilst the Central Highlands creations offer a touch of heather and honey. All are smooth, floral and full bodied.


Over half of Scotland’s distilleries can be found in the Speyside region making it the heart of the single malt whisky. With sophisticated and elegant flavours of fruit and sweet spice, their flavours linger long after your glass has emptied.


Thanks to a rugged windswept landscape, these island malts are unmistakeably powerful, producing smoky, peaty flavours with maritime aromas. You will often by surprised by the inclusion of an unusual flavours such as that of black pepper in Talisker.


Thanks to the rolling fields of grain, the soft landscape of the Lowlands is able to produce single malts that are lighter in both colour and body. With little or no peat used, whiskies from this region are generally light and fresh with cereal flavours.

Whisky Tasting Events Inverness

Our Whisky Bar is a favourite among Whisky Ambassadors across the country and we regularly host special events. Keep an eye on our hotel’s Facebook page for more information.

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