Using Our Leisure Club Post-Lockdown

Our Leisure club plans to reopen on April 26th to hotel residents & members only and, following our Safely Sound requirements and Scottish Government guidance, all visits must be booked in advance with the following procedures. 

As part of the pre-arrival call you will be able to book a session in one of the following areas and occupants will be limited as follows. (In the event we have been unable to contact you with a pre-arrival call it will be possible to book a leisure club session at check-in dependant on availability).  

  • Swimming Pool – 6 occupants  (30 minute sessions)
  • CV Room – 4 occupants (60 minute sessions)
  • Weights room – 1 occupant (45 minute sessions)
  • Jacuzzi
  • Sauna & Steam Room – closed at this time

With the above restrictions, each room will be able to book only one session in one of the activity areas above for each of their party, sessions are not transferable between guests. This one session applies per stay and per guest.

Any available sessions that are not booked for the next day will be made available for you to book the evening before and can be booked by calling the Leisure Club from their bedroom phone on 5414 after 6pm. 

60 minutes sessions booked for the CV room must be booked in 2 separate 30 minute sessions on the specific pieces of equipment – i.e. two 30 minute sessions on the running machine or a 30 minutes session on the running machine and a 30 minute session on the cross trainer. There is one running machine, one upright bike, one cross trainer and one rowing machine available due to social distancing requirements. 

The start times will be staggered to avoid congestion or queuing in the leisure club reception. All doors will be propped open into the leisure club and into the CV Room and weights room but it will not be possible to prop open the door to the swimming pool due to the transfer of heat from the swimming pool. 

We ask that you arrive at the leisure club pool or gym ready and don’t bring any belongings or valuables with you as there will be no lockers available. Robes and slippers, if not already in your room, can be requested from reception for those using the swimming pool. Hooks to hang your robes will be provided poolside and your room keys are also to be left there. 

Towels will be provided to swimmers only and sweat towels are not permitted in the CV or weights room. Gloves are not permitted either. 

We ask that you shower in your room before coming down to the swimming pool and thoroughly wash your hands before visiting the leisure club. Everyone’s hands must be sanitised upon entering the club. 

When you arrive, you will receive a briefing on the COVID restrictions in place and will be asked to maintain 2m social distancing at all times. 

We ask that you sanitise your hands in-between using each piece of equipment and wipe down each piece of equipment before and after with D-10. D-10 requires a 30 second contact time and must be left on the surface being cleaned for a minimum of 30 seconds before being wiped down to be effective. 

Each activity area will be cleaned down at the end of each session by a member of the leisure club team and will be electrostatically sprayed with D-10.

We thank you for your co-operation to ensure everyone’s safety.

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