Why is Scotch Whisky so special?

Did you know that Japan has been distilling whisky since around 1870? You probably didn’t, and why
should you when Scotland is better known for the tipple than Japan. Here at the Kingsmills Hotel,
Inverness, we are most proud to announce the opening of our Whisky Bar, with whisky tasting sessions
to both tantalise and educate your taste buds. For some, whisky is an acquired taste, while for others it
is the epitome of the most pure drink in the world. The different ways to create whisky, are brought out
in all the choices we offer at our Whisky Bar, which is fully stocked with just about every Scotch Whisky
you can think of and more.

Take the High Road from Clynelish to Tobermory

Clynelish is a 14 years aged whisky that has a peaty and nutty aroma and flavour. The entire alphabet is
covered in our extensive list of available whiskies, and you can try them all—possibly not all on the same
day, however! Some of the more well-known brand names make an appearance, including no less than
six versions of Glenmorangie, six versions of Tomatin—including 14 and 18 years aged and five versions
of Glenfiddich malt from 12 years aged to thirty years aged. Be sure to try the thirty years aged for the
most balanced and flavoursome experience of whisky you will ever come across.

We are taking requests

Here at the Kingsmills Hotel we want your whisky experience to be the most educational and enjoyable
and therefore we can arrange a whisky tasting whenever you require. Whether you are visiting as a
guest, or you intend to entertain business colleagues, speak to us about our offers and arrange your
own private session of whisky tasting. Scotch whisky is why many people visit Scotland, and the whisky
is truly the best in the world, bar none. It is what makes Scotch whisky outstanding, compared to
whiskies from around the world. Come and enjoy the taste of Scotland with us at the Kingsmills Hotel.