The Famous Ghost Stories of Inverness

With Halloween just around the corner, why not discover more about the spiritual activity right here in Inverness? You might even be able to spot a ghost or two as the spookiest night of the year creeps upon us…

The Battle of Culloden- The Fallen Jacobite’s

 Battlefields are one of the most common places for paranormal activity. On 16th April 1746 on the Drummossie Moor, overlooking Inverness, the bloody Battle of Culloden took place and is considered one of the most famous historic Scottish conflicts. Due to the nature of the deaths of these spirits, such as heightened emotions of fear and uncertainty, the paranormal activity is considered to be more active and therefore it is more likely for ghosts to be spotted. There have been reported sightings of the fallen Jacobite soldiers, distinct battle cries and swords clashing have been heard on the land and it is even rumoured that birds never sing around the exact site of the battle.

 Eden Court Theatre – The Green Lady

The Green Lady is known throughout Inverness and is arguably the most seen spirit. The ghost is of a young girl and she has been spotted on numerous occasions on the Eden Court Theatre Ground. There is a variation of different stories which tell the tragic tale of The Green Lady’s death including murder and a tragic factory accident. Regardless of the cause of death the spirit is very active and many locals have reported not only seeing The Green Lady but having physical contact with her! A woman once reported to having her shirt collar yanked back when walking through the grounds alone. Whether or not this was a malicious act by the spirit or not, this story definitely spooked us out and we would definitely not be caught visiting the theatre after dark.

The River Ness- King Duncan

The river has had a series of tragedies throughout the centuries including the drowning of accused witches and babies born to parents who were not yet married. There have been many sightings of spirits along the riverbank and nearby woodland areas however the most famous spotted has been the apparent ghost of King Duncan. In Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’, Inverness Castle is the site of Macbeth’s murder of King Duncan. Now the river bank is where the former King is known to wonder up and down- perhaps looking to seek revenge?