The Summer of Weddings in Inverness

When the sun starts to shine and wedding season starts to kick into action, there is nothing more beautiful that a blushing bride to be. With the wedding industry becoming one of the most commercially successful in the world, and so many more choices and options when planning your big day, we know it can be daunting. So that is why, we are here, giving you the very best tips on planning one of the perfect summer weddings in Inverness.

LOVE the Wedding Season

Every bride needs options and every bride needs direction, so with a dream wedding checklist, we have it all sorted. With twists and turns on wedding traditions, there is a way to make every wedding unique to every bride and create one of the most perfect weddings in Inverness. A clever tip to take a tradition and twist it is the perfect wedding cake. Couples are now choosing wedding dessert selection over a traditional cake. Lots of dessert choices leave guests happy by allowing everyone to get something they like. Especially popular are cupcakes on display. Still beautiful and close to the old tradition, but more selection for guests!


Say YES To the Dress

The white dress is a little bit more of a risqué wedding alteration, however brides are ditching this long held tradition of white dresses, which can be harsh on skin tones, and opting for more flattering wedding dress choices, shades such as ivory and champagne. Brides a little more on the wild side have been donning peach, blush, and even light blue for an extra pop of pizzazz. Bring those jaws to a halt and create one of the most talked about, popular weddings in Inverness.

dress wedding

Twist the Tradition

Another twist that could bring the weddings in Inverness into the social limelight is laying down the law when it comes to electronics on their big day. Some will say they don’t want any disruption from the outside world on their day and ask guests to turn of the electronics and let the photographer capture all of their special moments. Others are very open to the idea of spreading the love through social media by encouraging guests to take pictures and use apps such as Wedding Party App which helps collect and share photos from guests.

Another tradition we love to twist is one of the traditional Scottish weddings in Inverness. Although we can agree there is no more beautiful a place to have a blissful summer wedding than the beautiful highlands and islands of Scotland. Inverness makes the most idyllic location that would make your wedding seem as though it has just stepped out of the movies. But to give such a beautiful, traditional location a twist, bring it into the 21st century with the first class service at The Kingsmill Hotel. We are a unique and incomparable wedding venue, with glorious gardens and a stately backdrop of our 18th Century manor house hotel. Our breath-taking surroundings lets you celebrate your wedding in way that is traditionally Scottish, yet every bit as individual as you are.