A New Year in Inverness

The tree’s come down, the family is all away and those Christmas memories are still fresh in your mind, or buried under a haze of good drinks and mince-pies, to resurface when you least expect it. You now own a number of new socks, shirts and if you’re really lucky, a new toaster; you’re free to look forward to the future and celebrate the New Year, trading one festive season for another. And what better way to celebrate than with some post-Christmas shopping in Inverness?

Rest Those Weary Legs

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been rushed off of your feet by relatives and well-wishers. There’s always that Christmas meal to prepare and charades to whittle the nights away. But now it’s over, and you’re probably tired. So why not take those new socks and memories and retreat to the comfort of the Kingsmill Hotel? It might be snowing outside, but it sure is warm in here and it’s getting hotter ever moment with our special, yearly deals.

Christmas tree in front of a roaring fire

Break in the New Year With A Dram Or Two

We’ve mentioned good drinks before and we’ll be sure to do it again. New Year’s Eve is a night to celebrate, but that doesn’t mean it needs to start there. While you’re warming your feet, take the time to warm the rest of you in our renowned Whiskey Bar, or take a chance and risk the cold for a tour through one of the three distilleries around Inverness.

Whiskey glass with whiskey on the rocks

Remember to Treat Yourself With Some Shopping In Inverness

When you’re nicely rested up, toasty warm and fully recovered from the long Christmas season, you might find the time (and energy) to take a trip around Inverness proper, soaking in the sights and more importantly, soaking in the shops. There’s nothing quite like shopping in Inverness, and the Eastgate Centre has a number of international stores, all conveniently located under one roof. Accessible, close and once you’re done you can drop those heavy bags off back with us.
Not a hair’s breadth away from the city centre, the Kingsmill Hotel is perfect getaway for some much needed retail therapy. Ideal for hitting the stores and perking yourself up, we make shopping in Inverness a breeze. After all, you bought everyone else presents. Where’s the harm in one more?

It’s hard not to get caught up in the pre-Christmas rush, so take a minute to breathe, fetch a glass of wine, relax and remember there’s always post-Christmas shopping in Inverness to look forward to.

Victoria Market in Inverness