Fab Transport Links in Inverness

Moving around in a foreign city or even country for some people can be quite anxiety-inducing and frustrating. That’s why we’re presenting a brief guide just for you about the transport links in Inverness, to help you get the most out of your Highland break. Inverness isn’t quite like a fast-paced city with endless tube services every few minutes. Those who don’t know how to work the local transport systems in Inverness often can find themselves lost and confused, so stick to our guide and our public transport will be a breeze.

Bus Links

Bus links in Inverness can be a bit confusing and operate on a range of schedules. If you know which bus to get, its departure time and where to board, this can help largely with ensuring your experience is smooth and fuss-free. The main bus link system in Inverness is Stagecoach – there are also Citylink buses, however, they’re not as frequent. You can catch a bus from Fairways Business Park to Kings Road in Inverness and from Kings Road to Queensgate. There are so many different places you can go in Inverness and they’re easier to get to than you’d think. Visit the Stagecoach website for more information on bus links and services in Inverness.

Train Lines

The train lines in Inverness cover a larger radius than the bus links. You can get into and out of the city and suburbs on the local train lines, and even if you wanted to leave Inverness to go for a day of shopping or sightseeing in Edinburgh or Glasgow you can get trains to major hubs such as Edinburgh Waverley or Glasgow Queen Street train stations.

Looking to fly? Flying to and from Inverness

Inverness has a small airport, which connects flights from all across the world. With competitive pricing from the airlines, you can fly from Inverness on a connecting flight to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin, Amsterdam, etc. before heading home if you’re coming from outwith the country.

Transport Links in Inverness

As always, at the Kingsmills Hotel, your comfort and peace of mind is key. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if we can assist with arranging transfers, recommending services and advising on travel. Transport links in Inverness are great – the only problem you’ll have is fitting all the sightseeing in!