Bringing the United States Closer to Scotland

In a recent move to expand flights to and from Inverness, Aer Lingus announced a partnership with Flybe to bring greater accessibility to the Scottish Highlands. Pitched as a promotion to increase business travel between London City Airport, and Dublin, this new move significantly benefits local hotels and enterprises within Inverness. A new codeshare agreement licenses Flybe with Aer Lingus to bring American and Canadian travelers to the Highlands. This codeshare effectively allows passengers from New York, Boston, Orlando and Toronto to book a direct flight from Dublin straight to Scotland, completing their trip in a few easy steps.


Passengers benefit on many levels, including pre-clearance of customs in Dublin. On the return trip it means that they will pass customs in Dublin, making their transatlantic flight a domestic flight and making their journey far easier.

So, whether you are coming to Scotland for business, skiing or just a romantic break, we at the Kingsmills can welcome you from more places. We think this is an excellent idea and our relationship with the Americans and Canadians can bring our three worlds closer together, if not geographically, at least travel-wise. Passengers can book their flights direct from Flybe or Aer Lingus to be sure of your perfect travel dates. As another plus, passengers flying to and from Manchester can benefit from the three trips per day now in service to Inverness.

Here at the Kingsmills

We are waiting to welcome a whole new wave of guests from America and Canada. We are excited to invite you to experience our culture. We have a stunning menu and a mouth-watering dining experience already lined up for you to try. Coming to Inverness for the first time will also be far easier with the new flight routes. Get booking for your trip to Inverness and the Kingsmills. We look forward to seeing you soon.